pimp my ramen

in the shinjuku, shoe was passin' by the kouryu, an' noticed that HUZZAH! no line for once! wtf? anyhoo, wit no further delay, shoe nuzzle dup to the door, an was handed a little piece o paper. ah HA! it's like the ichiran, 'cept without the boothie thingies!

shoe had to make some decisions. noodles? firm. soup? a little thick please. toppings? menma, pork block, some hot sthuff, nori, evar lovin' egg.

a verry nice bowl, much on the same tip as ichiran. good tonkotsu, and shoe could not help but plunk 100 yen in the wee slot machine at the counter to get an extra helpin' of those de-lovely noodles.

more of the red, pleeze

another red bowl, this time a red miso from mutsumiya in the chitosekarasuyama. if shoe didn't know better, he'd a thunk it was a tonkotsu, not the mild miso it was. it's the broth that pulls the load in this bowl, with the noodles n whatnot being par for the course. eggy goodness on tha side! there was some mild consternation when shoe spied some onion-like thingys settled on top, but they turned out to be leek-ish, or perhaps some other species of allium.

we likes it red n' hot..

hot on the heels o' the last ramen, shoe decided to hit shounin next to the busstop on the way home. the aka-tonkotsu! hot, yet mild in a funny way. somethin' a little diff'rent, yet oh so familiar.

shoe's on a bit of a roll here...some sweet ramen comin' down the pipe!

nyaga-nyaga tei

a verry tasty sinasoba in the iidabashi. oil factor 13 in the soup means you cannae possibly finish the broth without something internal saying 'uncle!' juicy, servicable chashew was a nice addition if otherwise unremarkable.

nyaga-nyaga gets bonus points for havin' a wiggid lil' egg rolling through the mix and havin' a name like 'nyaga-nyaga'

random bowl in nakano

deep in the bowels of the nakano broadway comes the kyu, a sweet little out of the way counter for a cheeky ramen. there was only one skinny sweaty ikemen type running the lunch show, but he looked like he knew what he was doing. a nice mellow dark bowl o' creamy tonkotsu. the noodles were very good to boot; yellow, firm and curly. the chashew rated an 8 on the jibbly factor, but lost a few points on taste. an' those damn onions! shoe woulda finished off the soup if it hadntve been for those damn onions! they didn't seriously detract from the overall bowl however..

shoe also dropped in on the classic, now forlorn and grafitti-splatted. Funny, it was closed sometime in January, but you would suspect it had been deserted for yonks iffn you didn't know the score..

a bygone classic..

bad news folks, a true slice o' cool tokyo is gone... the classic coffee shoppe in the heart o' nakano has closed its doors. man what dark times we live in.

shoe first wandered into classic aboot 4 years ago, and was sucked into a wrinkle in the space-time continuum. classic had been 'round since the thirties, and it didn't look like much had changed over the years. dark, dark with wiggid cello music croakin' off tha wax. only coffee tea or juice on the menu, but you could bring yer own snacks in. no level surface in the entire joint, and ya didn't want to be tryin' to do any stress tests on the railings an the like. ossified dust bunnies rubbed up against rusty instruments, an' sleepy oil paintings overlooked a great greasy chandelier. great spot for hangovers.

shoe tried not to spoil hisself by going too often, and now that its gone.. well, at least there's the ramen, eh.

blunk droggin'


again, prolly illegal several ways but..

okay so shoe did it again. took the wildy pop-u-lar strippy 'penny arcade', blanked it, an gave it to some japanese peeople to fill in the blanks.. here's the original..

an here's the results.. which is funnier?

iffn ya wanta bitch or snitch, let the shoe know, an he'll take it all back..

oh fer two..

man o man, wotta funk.. shoe been kinda busy, so no chance to scout oot some decent ramens.. here's some kee-rappy junk from some local that shoe happened to spot on the way to th' local suupaa.. just poop.

an here's the tonkotsu from this joint. terrible limp mass of undefined gluten passing as noodles underscored by a some weak-ass soup. grr...

shoe's gonna get his act together folks, don' you worry none.

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